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Optimizing Brain Development

NeuroBeginnings creates an educational program to help and inform individuals with a variety of different diagnosis. It’s a non-invasive, drug -free, movement-based approach to optimizing brain development in babies, children and adults. This program can improve behavioural issues, emotional struggles, learning abilities, and motor skills. Overall maximizing their potential and improving their quality of life.

Our Story

NeuroBeginnings started with owner Alexandra Lily’s passion for helping people of all ages through the NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program. She received her certification from the National Neurological Reorganization Practitioners Association in 2018.

Alexandra was first inspired to go through the program as a mom of a child with special needs. With the introduction to NeuroDevelopmental Movement, her son’s life began to make sense, and she realized that she had to stop focusing on his symptoms and start addressing the injury to his brain.

From her personal experience with her own son, the NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program provided hope when the world said there was none. Alexandra now wishes to extend this hope to you.

How does a NeuroDevelopmental Program work?

Utilizes movement, sensory and reflex integration to stimulate new brain growth and to optimize the brain’s potential

Replicates the natural developmental sequence babies go through to develop their neurology

Provides the foundation in the lower levels of the brain which supports the higher levels to improve emotions, behaviours, academics and motor skills

Utilizes the brain’s neuroplasticity to allow for the formation of new neural connections

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