Client Testimonials

“I met Alexandra in January 2019 when I was experiencing ongoing issues from a MTBI and whiplash.  The symptoms of disorientation, lack of energy, dizziness and other issues had actually worsened six months after the initial injury.  I could no longer read without being exhausted, and being in a group of people was frustrating and I was forced to go on long term disability.  

Although I wondered about the role of the assessments and some of the assigned exercises, I learned quickly that the exercises helped my days go better.  As I progressed and learned more about the neurodevelopment program, I came to understand how important this program would be to my recovery.  Throughout the process, Alexandra has been responsive to every change and challenge that I experienced.  She listens carefully and considers symptoms as well as circumstances when developing the exercise program, and is available in between appointments to help navigate changing symptoms.   

I know that I would not have been able to return to work after six months without the support from Alexandra and am grateful for having found such a competent and caring professional with whom to work. “

~ MK (58 years old)

“Hello, my name is Sharon and our daughter Sarah, age 10, has been doing NR since May. We have been consistent because we feel that repetition is best in getting through this sooner than later. We have seen huge improvements starting with Sarah’s comprehension. When we started with NR, Sarah’s eye tracking had a lot of skips in it, which would affect her comprehension and ability to follow along. Sarah used to hate to read, but now she has found a new love for reading because she understands it. Her math skills are improving. Things are not taking as long for her to finish. She has more focus than she used to. She is working more independently and has better problem-solving skills. We are truly blessed that we found the NeuroDevelopmental Movement Program (formerly know as Neurological Reorganization) for our kids.

Yes, it has been work and a lot of commitment, but it is well worth it when you see your child excited to learn again; when you see her confidence building; when you see her ability to memorize things where she used to struggle; where you just see her smile coming back because she is more sure of herself; and where you see her able to have a full conversation with an adult and hold her head high because she knows she is worth it. We have an amazing practitioner, Alexandra, who is an amazing support. You know you’re not alone in this journey as she walks it herself with her own family. She gets those days where you’re tired. She also gets the days you’re on a high because your child overcame something. “

~Sharon T.

“My son has been diagnosed with high functioning autism and ADD but really I feel like it’s a label and really is only brain deficits. He never crawled as a toddler and I feel he was missing some developmental milestones within his brain. I discovered NR and have been working with Alexandra for almost a year now. He’s made huge strides in his school environment with behavioural changes and able to write and focus for long periods of time to get his work completed. Also noticed his bad mood changed and he’s almost always happy and able to recover quickly when confronted with a problem. His eye contact is spot on and he’s holding awesome conversations. I am so thankful that I found NR and would recommend it to anyone and everyone!”

~ MH

“Hello, I am a mother of three. Our son has been doing the program for nine months and our daughter started 3 weeks ago. We do go hard at it as I believe consistency is key. Our son was born prematurely. At 3 he coded after tonsil surgery. First four years of his life he was very sick. Josh didn’t crawl much and spent a lot of time in my arms due to his health.

Josh (8 years old) was struggling in school and in June of last year he couldn’t read,  had poor balance, couldn’t count past ten, didn’t know ABC’s, had poor bladder control,  poor focus, couldn’t handle big crowds, very high pain tolerance, couldn’t copy off black board and his tracking ability was horrible.

As of right now he is able to copy off chalk board to paper, count forwards and backwards, counts by 2, 3,4, 5,10; his math skills are growing by the day, he is starting multiplication, he’s able to instruct his core group and explain how to do it, he English skills are growing, he can now sound out words, we now have dry nights, he is able to sit through Alexandra’s appointments. The list goes on and on.

We have seen huge improvements. Yes, there is still work to do but I have learned if you’re willing to do the hard work consistently, it does pay off. Yes, there are hard days but when I sit and write out all the things that have changed for our son, the hard work is so worth it. That is why we have started with our daughter. We want to give her the same opportunity. Alexandra’s given us hope at a time we felt so lost. We are truly blessed to have found this program and Alexandra.”

~Sharon T.

“I knew something wasn’t quite right with my daughter’s development when she was little. After numerous tests and going to Dr’s and specialists, she was diagnosed with ADHD with sensory issues, expressive/ receptive disorder and was “mentally retarded”. I looked at this Doctor and thought ok, but that doesn’t tell me how to help her? (that term is no longer used, instead it is referred to as having a mild intellectual disability). We tried medication for the ADHD, however it didn’t show great improvement like I know it should have. I worked closely with our school and tried to get my daughter as much assistance as possible. She was behind by approximately 2-3 years in her development. It was when I was approached by an Education Assistant who knew my daughter and had worked with her. That EA told me she had attending a PA Day workshop that was put on by Doctor Mueller, who spoke about NR and immediately thought of my daughter as she listened to the signs and symptoms the doctor described. She gave me a pamphlet with the contact info.

In this one action, this EA changed our lives. I followed up with the Doctor and started testing. My daughter fit the bill and we started the road to help my daughter start reaching her potential.

“My daughter didn’t crawl, she reached for everything, she didn’t start walking until 18 months or so and she had a number of “ticks” that would relate to the spectrum, but having her tested 2x, the doctors said it wasn’t autism. I knew there was something else, it wasn’t just ADHD and it was only when I was introduced to NR that I felt like we found our place to be able to help my daughter.

We met and starting working with Alex about 1 year into our program. My daughter was put into a small placement class for school for grade 4 as it was recommended. This class was not where she should have been and she did not progress in the class at all. By Feb of Gr 4 she was at the same reading level as the first day of Gr 4. Luckily we were doing our exercises and had our check ins with Alex. By me working with my daughter each day doing the exercises prescribed and using leveled literacy books found online, my daughter went from a kindergarten level “e” to a grade 2 level “i” 4 months later in June of Gr 4.

She has continued her progress and we continue to work towards grade level today. All of my daughter’s progress would not have been as successful without the NR help. My daughter continues to progress in both her academics and social interactions. Alex understands the daily struggles we have gone through and provides constant reassurance and proof that the work we have put in has allowed for the development my daughter was missing. NR was our missing piece. I would suggest to anyone who has a child with any of the “ABC” diagnoses to look into this and reach out to Alex. It has helped my daughter. I know she will be able to have the life and aspirations she wants, not limitations given to her by her diagnosis’s.”

~ Janet M